Monday, May 13, 2013

Can Beetroots Beat Cancer?

Beet can Fight Cancer
Beets can Cure Cancer!
Beetroots have proven therapeutic in the treatment of leukaemia and cancer. These are also considered beneficial for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, blood and the lymph. The red color of beets is due to the presence of a group of phytonutrients called Betalains. These are antioxidant & anti-inflammatory  agents that help fight against cancer. Betacyanin, another purple-crimson pigment found in beetroot is said to be a powerful anti-tumorigenic agent. An amino acid called, Betaine, found in beets has also proved to be effective against cancer. 

Research shows that beet juice can treat leukemia and tends to inhibit the development of colon and stomach cancer. Several studies demonstrate beet juice to be a potent inhibitor of cell mutations caused by carcinogens such as Nitrosamines (used as a chemical preservative in processed meat) in cases of stomach cancer. Beets are a rich source of vitamin Cfolatemanganesemagnesiumpotassium fiber.

Beet can Fight CancerThe fruit is good for bones, and supports gastrointestinal health. A glass of beet juice is also beneficial for hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Remember not to take beet juice alone as it is very concentrated. It should be taken in combination with carrot, apple or cucumber juice. Drinking a glass of beet juice daily is good for overall health.

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