Monday, May 13, 2013

Yerba mate Tea Prevents Cancer!

Yerba Mate tea for Cancer PRevention
Yerba mate tea has long been considered a medicinal brew in South America, and is the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Brewed from the leaves of a small tree, native to the subtropical highlands of South America, Yerba mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals, along with essential amino acids and powerful antioxidants. Tribes in the South American rainforest have consumed yerba mate for centuries for its rejuvenating effects, enjoying its ability to boost energy as well as enhancing clarity and focus. 

Recent studies  have revealed that drinking yerba mate tea may be an inexpensive and efficient way of fighting colon cancer. In a study performed at the University of Illinois, researchers were able to demonstrate that human colon cancer cells died when exposed to bioactive compounds similar to those found in a cup of yerba mate tea.

Yerba Mate tea for Cancer PRevention
As part of the University of Illinois study, researchers treated human colon cancer cells with caffeoylquinic acid (CQA) derivatives from Yerba mate tea, gradually increasing the concentration. As the concentrations were increased, the cancer cells began to die as a result of apoptosis, which occurs when the DNA of the cancer cell is damaged, causing the cell to self-destruct.

These results show promise in treating many different types of cancer, with an even better likelihood of treating colon cancer as the colon plays a significant role in absorbing caffeine-related compounds. In addition to inducing apoptosis in cancer cells, the caffeine derivatives also reduced inflammation. Since inflammation can trigger the progression of cancer, the ability to reduce it provides yet another benefit to be gained from drinking yerba mate tea.

Yerba mate tea contains caffeine in similar amounts to coffee, but has much less acidity and is therefore less likely to cause stomach irritation. Yerba mate tea bags are widely available in health food stores and in many grocery stores as well. It can be prepared a variety of ways, and served either hot or cold. When you combine the recently discovered cancer fighting properties along with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids contained within, yerba mate may just prove to be to be a healthy alternative to coffee.

Though this study is very new, it is promising. Not only does it prove the health benefits of yerba mate tea, it highlights major cancer fighting benefits. Researchers plan to use the results of this study to further explore the effects of this tea with other cancers and hopefully find a way to help increase the life span of the patients and find a cure.

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